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My Shaklee experience started 2 years into my marriage.  My husband had been taking the Shaklee Basics vitamin strip and was feeling better than he had felt in years.  He had more energy and was not getting sick as often as he did.  He was prone to bronchitis at least twice a year. 

Now I was not a vitamin person.  I never took them when I was a kid.  I took other supplements but nothing ever made me feel better.  With his persistance I started taking the Basics.  I was very skeptical.  I have to admit it, it did take about 3 months to realize that I was feeling better and had more energy.  Sometimes it creeps up on you.  You start to feel better but don't even realize it until someone mentions it to you.

A year later I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  I went on numerous medications to help control the spasms that at times were debilitating.  Nothing was working!  It was getting worse.  At this time in our lives we were discussing starting a family.  I looked at the medications I was to take daily and they all said "Do Not take while pregnant".  Now what?  How was this going to work?  I needed the medications to function.

We called our friends (our sponsors) to ask for advice.  They suggested in addition to the Basics to take Fiber and plenty of B Complex and Optiflora (Shaklee's Acidophilis Bifidus product).  I tried it for a month and by the grace of God I was actually feeling better and weaned myself off the medications.  This proved everything to me.  SHAKLEE WORKS!

That was 8 years ago.  I barely even know that this conditions exists.  As far as I am concerned I no longer have IBS since I rarely have episodes.  I am happy to report that we have 2 beautiful children.  They have been raised on Shaklee from conception.  There was no way I was taking the prescribed Pre-Natal Vitamins during my pregnancies.  Nothing comes close to the quality and integrity of Shaklee.  I had 2 wonderful pregnancies.  My iron counts were always perfect and I never developed Diabates as most women do.

I am so happy Shaklee came into my life and this is why I need to share this with all of you.  You too can have a Shaklee story- start today. 

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